Guccione Goes to Classic Porn Penthouse in the Sky

October 21st, 2010

The founder of Penthouse Magazine, Bob Guccione died from cancer in Texas (not exactly a porn blog capital these days) at age 79.  Although Guccione sold Penthouse years ago, he is still remembered as a contemporary to Hugh Hefner and Playboy, though his photography and magazine publication had a more hardcore sex edge to them, much like Larry Flynt and Hustler was doing at the time, as well.  Though Penthouse, Hustler, and Playboy and their iconic founders peaked in the 1970s, their vintage porn brands still live online in the age of internet porn. Let’s review how they are doing

Image of Penthouse Pet of the Year 2010 Taylor Vixen

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Caught Having Webcam Sex

October 20th, 2010

Perhaps the title of this blog article is misleading, instead of being caught by a spouse or significant other, you can now have two-way webcam sex on many porn cam sites.  For those who find that random encounters on chat roulette are too risky and unpredictable, many of these girls on sites we review will allow you to have a sex chat cam-to-cam in private with them, and you don’t have to spend hours hunting for a willing cybersex partner.  Some live babes have limits about what they will let you show, but the more adventurous and tolerant will be more than happy to watch you beat off as they play with their tits and pussies live on camera.

Image of CaitlynnXOXO Nude on MyFreeCams

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What Is Pegging?

October 17th, 2010

File this bit of definition information away for your next game of sexual trivial pursuit. Pegging is the act of a woman wearing a strap-on dildo and fucking a man in the ass.  It is typically done for male pleasure, which can be attained by the dildo massaging the prostate or from the sexual excitement some men get from being in a situation with a bossy, dominant female, or perhaps some guys enjoy both aspects of this bit of perversion which is seldom spoken about.  Men’s anal pleasure has nothing to do with being gay, as this act is done in a totally heterosexual environment. Just don’t be too eager to tell your bowling buddies that you and your girlfriend do this, because they may be more judgmental than your friend in kink, Sir Rodney.

Image Courtesy of Be The Bitch

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One Pass for Some of the Best British Porn

October 15th, 2010

We just posted an updated review of Real Sex Pass, which is a sixteen site British porn network.  While a number of quality porn sites are produced in the UK, this site has the distinction of having so many good ones under the umbrella of one adult website membership.  The network has over 2,400 full hardcore movies, in total.  There is a tremendous amount of amateur material and a good variety of sexual topics are covered by the individual sites.  At least six of these sites are top-notch and the other ten represent some good quality and a bit of off-the-beaten path kink.  That’s what makes this some of the best British porn.

Image of British Girl Paid to Flash in Public

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Nude Webcams Tipping Model

October 14th, 2010

In the online porn universe, no type of XXX material is as dynamic as that on sites specializing in nude webcams.  Larger porn cam networks often have thousands of girls performing live at any given moment.  Both solo models and couples perform unscripted acts of debauchery on camera. Well, at least they are not scripted by a porno director—you can give orders on the fly and create your own personalized erotic fantasy.  It used to be, that in order to do this, you had to go into a private room or possibly a semi-private group chat.  Now, sites offering nude webcams cams are in the process of increasing what audience members get in the public, or free areas, of their websites.

Image of Vixanna Velvet Courtesy of Flirt 4 Free

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Chilean Miner for Best Blowjob Technique

October 13th, 2010

Spending time glued to the television watching something other than porn is an uncommon event for Sir Rodney, but that is what he found himself doing last night as the trapped Chilean miners began to be rescued from their cavern deep underground.  Alas, after the first two were brought up, Sir Rodney’s thoughts began to drift back to sex and he thought that the ‘Chilean Miner’ could become the name of a new oral sex technique.  Instead of the Phoenix capsule, imagine a woman…your wife, girlfriend, mistress, or famous porn stars slowly going up and down your entire shaft all night long, pausing briefly at the top and bottom before another turn bringing you closer and closer to ecstasy.  The only thing we’d change with this analogy is to drop all the hugging, crying and cuddling after the sweet release has been achieved ;)  Maybe it won’t become a household name or a best blowjob style, but it made us laugh, anyway.

POV Blowjob Image Courtesy of Swallow Me POV

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White Dicks in Big Black Asses

October 12th, 2010

Yes, today let’s discuss the other kind of interracial porn: white guys fucking black women.  The most common form of interracial sex movies and sites portrays white girls, usually blonde, taking on the challenge of servicing black studs with enormous cocks.  Sometimes these girls are portrayed as racist or, at the very least, complete virgins when it comes to experience with a big chocolate penis.  But, there are other forms of erotic racial parings that are often overlooked by adult movie producers, including those involving white, Asian and Hispanic men paired up with Asian babes, hot Latinas, ebony cuties, Indian harlots and beauties of additional ethnicities.

Image of White Guy Fucking Black Woman From Behind

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Hot Reality Sex

October 7th, 2010

We still love reality sex sites.  Even though this porn genre has been around in its contemporary form for about a decade, it still represents some of the most entertaining porn scenarios you can find.  What started off as roadside pickups and sex in cars morphed into a whole slew of creative fantasies involving both pickups and sex in public, in offices with secretaries, with repairmen, pool boys, pizza delivery guys, hitch-hikers.  The category got so popular that some scenes dropped almost all pretense of being authentic and just started having the models take their clothes off without any dialog.

Image of Underwater Blowjob Courtesy of Money Talks

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New Brown Bunnies Review Posted

October 6th, 2010

The Bang Bros have just launched a new site, which we have had the pleasure of viewing and writing about today.  The site is called Brown Bunnies and true to its name, it features hot black women in x-rated action.  The site fits into both the black and interracial porn categories, as the guys who get the privilege of tasting and fucking this prime dark meat are a mix of black and white guys. They all have big dicks (yes, even the white guys, too), but the ebony bunny rabbits are the stars of this filthy show.  In true Bang Bros style, the fucking and sucking in these reality-style scenes is hot.

Image of Black Porn Model Gemini Topless

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Search For Rare Porn at VOD Sites

October 1st, 2010

If you are looking for an adult movie that is old, out of date, or maybe you crave some type of very specific sex act on film that you cannot seem to locate, why not try to find this bit of rare porn at VOD sites?  Sure, viewing porn movies through on-demand sites or services can be expensive, but we do not recommend that you watch all your porn that way.  Sites that charge a flat fee for membership are usually cheaper, and torrent sites are completely free, but with a torrent site, you’re computer better be wearing a cyber condom, because you might get exposed to some nasty viruses.

Image of The Woman Eater Classic Porno

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